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The “real” issue

: When people talk about “real” womanhood, all too often, what they really mean is “pure”. This is a deeply reactionary argument and not one that anyone on the progressive side of politics can be comfortable with. Another day, another … Continue reading

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A bestiary of bathroom bigotry

Here’s a little something wot i wrote last year on the subject of bigots and bathrooms. Originally for GayStarNews, but a combination of events and deadlines meant it never quite got out there. But since i spent some time putting … Continue reading

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News from abroad: Media exposé of state funds diverted to gay clubs could lead to trans deaths

If that headline sounds a bit convoluted, don’t worry: it’s not really. Rather, it’s just another everyday story of how a sensational media exposé of wrongdoing in the public sphere may yet backfire with the unintended and unfortunate consequence that … Continue reading

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Bathroom bigotry: where real meets stupid…

…and pops out the back for a crafty fag I have, of late, had difficulties with some posts. That is because i suffer from a very dry sense of humour and that which i find funny, that which i spoof … Continue reading

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