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A bestiary of bathroom bigotry

Here’s a little something wot i wrote last year on the subject of bigots and bathrooms. Originally for GayStarNews, but a combination of events and deadlines meant it never quite got out there. But since i spent some time putting … Continue reading

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Ten inconvenient facts when erasing the LGBT experience

Wow! Like, wow! If you thought Sky News took the prize for erasing the inconvenient gay in their recent car crash of an interview with Owen Jones, you haven’t reckoned with erasure central, aka BBC Local Radio. Step forward Three … Continue reading

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Republican “show us your cunt” bills are an issue for all women

Disappointed with their failure to stop same sex marriage in its tracks, a ragtag coalition of right-wingers and evangelistas in various parts of the US are looking to reassert their hatred of difference by putting forward a range of “bathroom … Continue reading

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