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News from abroad: Media exposé of state funds diverted to gay clubs could lead to trans deaths

If that headline sounds a bit convoluted, don’t worry: it’s not really. Rather, it’s just another everyday story of how a sensational media exposé of wrongdoing in the public sphere may yet backfire with the unintended and unfortunate consequence that … Continue reading

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Ten inconvenient facts when erasing the LGBT experience

Wow! Like, wow! If you thought Sky News took the prize for erasing the inconvenient gay in their recent car crash of an interview with Owen Jones, you haven’t reckoned with erasure central, aka BBC Local Radio. Step forward Three … Continue reading

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Redneck Revenge: Now North Carolina issues Travel Advisory for Europe!

In a move likely to be seen as thinly disguised retribution against European States warning LGBT travelers of the dangers of visiting North Carolina and Mississipi, North Carolina has today issued its own travel advisory to citizens warning them that … Continue reading

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