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Coming soon: our reactionary First Minister?

The stereotypes are emerging already. Allegedly, Theresa May is a nasty right-winger: the only reason she is likely to look less reactionary in this election, is because she is up against an even nastier, more reactionary right-winger in the form … Continue reading

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A politician’s guide to using Photoshop

It is very important when using photoshop to promote your party that you only add content when it is absolutely necessary. Look carefully at the picture below: can you see where Conservative Central Office went wrong? That’s right. They have … Continue reading

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Tories to debate abolition of fire, ambulance services

We have a “moral duty” not to run around saving lives Delegates to the Conservative party conference in October 2015 will have the chance to debate the abolition of state-funded fire and ambulance services. And in an unexpected twist, it … Continue reading

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