Who’s on first?

If you are interested in politics – and you like lists – then here’s a list that may be of some interest to you.

For this is a list, in order, of who the next President of the United States might be if, as seems increasingly likely, something untoward – mostly in the form of criminal charges or impeachment – befalls our beloved Donald over the next few months. Continue reading

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Shock new poll: Brits voted to leave Eurovision – not EU!

In a shocking new survey published by YouGov today, it turns out a majority of voters thought they were voting to leave the Eurovision song contest. In the first survey to include Eurovision on the list of options, the final tally suggests a stonking 74% wanted the UK to leave the song contest immediately.

This compares to just 44% voting to leave the EU, 22% expressing a preference for leaving the EEA, and 82% ticking the box labelled “EFTA: WTF?” There was also some confusion over the WTO, which a majority wanted to keep, in the belief that it was something to do with wrestling. Continue reading

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Abuse of Office?

Whooo boy! Am i a lucky girl! Last night i received a personal email from Boris Johnson!!!

No. Not just Boris: mere fallible mortal Boris. But from the Foreign Secretary himself. Our country is in trouble and he needs my help – MY help!!! – to save it from disaster.

Why, tis an honour sir and, not that it matters, but do you think there could be a gong in this for me when the dust dies down?

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The “real” issue


When people talk about “real” womanhood, all too often, what they really mean is “pure”. This is a deeply reactionary argument and not one that anyone on the progressive side of politics can be comfortable with.

Another day, another feminist lines up to take a pop at trans women – for some reason it’s always trans women who are singled out in this way – for not being “real” women.

First Jenni Murray in the Sunday Times: then, yesterday, perhaps, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Channel 4 (though in fact she was answering a leading question and the answer she gave was perhaps rather more nuanced than twitter has since decoded it as). Continue reading

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A bestiary of bathroom bigotry

bathroom signs
Here’s a little something wot i wrote last year on the subject of bigots and bathrooms. Originally for GayStarNews, but a combination of events and deadlines meant it never quite got out there.

But since i spent some time putting it together AND it contains a lot of material that is very relevant now, perhaps worth a little dusting off.

That said, this was written about a year ago, and i have probably missed out some recent stuff. So if anyone knows of more cases i should add, please drop me a line.

TW for transphobia, bigotry and threatened violence.
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Spanish justice: three and a half years for a song, two years 8 months for neo-nazi attack

In Spain the authorities are cracking down on dangerous singers

Mallorcan rapper Miguel Arenas Beltrán, better known as Valtonyc, has been handed down a sentence of 3 years and 6 months in prison by the National Court to for insulting the King and for promoting Basque separatist organisation ETA and militant left organisation EL Grapo (Grupos de Resistencia Antifascista Primero de Octubre) in his songs.

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News from abroad: Media exposé of state funds diverted to gay clubs could lead to trans deaths

If that headline sounds a bit convoluted, don’t worry: it’s not really. Rather, it’s just another everyday story of how a sensational media exposé of wrongdoing in the public sphere may yet backfire with the unintended and unfortunate consequence that some trans people get killed as a result.

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