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Blue, Blue, my life is…not Blue!

Blue is a boy’s name. So there. And if you are a girl, tough: go pick another name or the courts will do it for you! That is the rather depressing news emerging from a Tribunal in Milano this week. … Continue reading

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Italy: what i did on my holidays

Well, no. Not holiday. Though it was a very enjoyable visit all the same. But if you were following my Facebook and Twitter ramblings a week or so back you cannot have failed to notice i was up to SOMETHING … Continue reading

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Speech/Discorso: 14/4 – 15/4 2018

Jane Fae. Giornalista. Scrittrice. Attivista che lavora con Trans Media Watch per migliorare la rappresentazione dei media delle persone trans. In Inghilterra stiamo passando dei brutti momenti. Siamo stati soggetti a costante attacco implacabile … a piĆ¹ vettori di attacco. … Continue reading

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From Italy: It takes a community to rape a woman

From time to time i add stories from abroad. Because they are news. Because they echo patterns of toxic behaviour we know all too well in the UK. Because – in my humble view – they deserve to be more … Continue reading

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“Let them eat pork!” The dishonesty of a French racist

If you thought there were no depths that the rabid right will not plumb in their hatred of Muslims (and possibly also Jews), here is a story from France that perfectly exemplifies the viciousness of their politics. Yesterday (8 January), … Continue reading

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The Foreshadowing

I have been here before. Many times. I have been here. So often that I could describe every inch of the scene laid out before me with my eyes shut. Which is apt. For each visit has been in my … Continue reading

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Crime Bosses to sink teeth into food shortages as Brexit bites!

The boss of an East London crime cartel was today under fire from others in the criminal fraternity for not doing enough to prepare for a hard #Brexit

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