Redneck Revenge: Now North Carolina issues Travel Advisory for Europe!

In a move likely to be seen as thinly disguised retribution against European States warning LGBT travelers of the dangers of visiting North Carolina and Mississipi, North Carolina has today issued its own travel advisory to citizens warning them that in many parts of Europe, LGBT “perversion” is widely tolerated.

Queer goings-on

Travel advisory to North Carolina citizens visiting Europe: April 2016

Travel advisory to North Carolina citizens visiting Europe: April 2016

The advisory, believed to have been prepared by the Office of State Governor, Pat McCrory, goes on to warn that any attempt to remonstrate with LGBT persons is strictly frowned upon.

Travelers – or God-fearing Americans – are warned of the tolerance displayed in many parts of Europe towards “homosexuals, sodomites, fags and queers in public places.”

It goes on: “Individuals may openly hold hands, bake cakes or attend village fetes. Women are allowed to wear trousers.”

The advisory also has words for those using public “bathrooms”, warning of “The encouragement of transvestites, transexualists and men in dresses in women’s bathrooms.”

It explains: “In many parts of Europe they are not only entitled to violate the sanctity of such spaces by entering into private cubicles and sitting on the same seats as genuine women, but actively encouraged to do so.”

No smoking in public spaces

However, the note advises: “You may not hit, punch, stab, gouge, assault or otherwise engage such individuals in any attempt to help them see the error of their ways.

“You may not carry guns in public: not even small assault rifles. You may not carry guns outside the entrance to women’s bathrooms on the off-chance of encountering a transexualist.”

Most shocking of all, for those used to delivering a robust Christian chastisement to such behaviour: “You are not allowed to shoot anyone!”

Back to the future

For those of a nervous disposition, this may not, therefore, be the best of times to visit Europe: those wishing to do so may prefer to tour round those parts that still “endorse old-fashioned American values, such as Russia, Turkey or Albania.”

Failing that, “they should delay their visit until such time as Europe’s politicians see the light and return once more to the path of righteousness.”


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2 Responses to Redneck Revenge: Now North Carolina issues Travel Advisory for Europe!

  1. oopster74 says:

    Is this for real or someone’s idea of a joke?


  2. LisaM says:

    LOl…brilliant…. cracked me up…


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