Let’s talk about sex

Below is signal boost for an open invite from Diva magazine:

Let’s talk about Sex

An evening of discussion and workshops and a celebration of the diversity of LGBT+ women


PACE, the LGBT mental health charity is holding a FREE event, as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations!

The event put together in partnership with DIVA Magazine, is an opportunity for LGBT+ women to come together and take part in discussion, workshops and debate all on the topic of sex and relationships.

LGBT+ women are encouraged to connect, through sharing experiences, ideas and simply being creative together.

PACE staff and DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska will welcome guests: there will also be panel guests and workshop facilitators to keep you informed, and entertained for the entire evening.

Keep an eye on http://www.pacehealth.org.uk and http://www.divamag.co.uk for updates about guest speakers and workshop themes.

When: Thursday 19th November 2015 6pm – 9pm (doors open 5.30pm)
Where: The Lift, 45 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PW
What: A fun and informative event for LGBT+ women, on sex and relationships.

Avoid disappointment by booking now.

More details about the event can be found on: http://www.pacehealth.org.uk/news-and-blogs/news/lgbt-women-talk-sex/

Details will also be posted on PACE and DIVA social media accounts, so make sure you follow, like, and share!






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