Petitioning the Beeb: time to stop saying “migrant”

If, like me, you are sick to death of the BBC abusing the word “migrant” in order to curry favour with this reactionary and callous government, please sign my petition on the subject today.

Here’s why (though the wording also appears on the petition site).

The distinction between “migrant” and “refugee” is complex: neither politics nor people are ever motivated by just one thing. In general, though the former are looking for something: a better life, a less oppressive government, perhaps; whereas the latter are running away.

Sometimes, where oppression becomes intolerable, the two collide. But in the current crisis, it is very clear: most refugees are running away from death and serious injury.

To misrepresent such people as “migrants”, which is what the BBC continues to do, is to actively skew debate along lines set down by a right-wing and callous government. Tediously predictable from some tabloids: disgraceful when done by the BBC.

Especially a BBC that has, supposedly in the interests of accuracy, decided to prefix all mention of the ISIS state with the phrase “so-called”.

It is time for the BBC to record what is happening in Europe accurately.


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