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Sadness in London

I was looking forward to October. Amongst other stuff, including glad-handing with GLAAD and (i hope) taking tea with a Cardinal, i was down to speak at Feminism in London. The subject? Speech and virtual space: my way of suggesting … Continue reading

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The Fae guide to Etiquette (no. 47): public occasions

If you are a respected public figure – a list that includes captains of industry, politicians and general do-gooders, but probably not Katie Hopkins or Godfrey Bloom – knowing how to conduct yourself on public occasions is absolutely essential. Here … Continue reading

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Protest at Ministry of Justice attempt to derail transgender inquiry

Since the weekend, the UK transgender community has been in uproar over what looks like a very clumsy attempt by the Ministry of Justice to derail a parliamentary inquiry into transgender issues. Today, an open letter detailing concerns and signed … Continue reading

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Absence of compassion

No doubt tattooing the wrists of concentration camp inmates seemed like a good idea at the time, with no especial ulterior motive beyond the obvious: to keep tabs on those waiting to be murdered. It is history that provides perspective: … Continue reading

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Tories to debate abolition of fire, ambulance services

We have a “moral duty” not to run around saving lives Delegates to the Conservative party conference in October 2015 will have the chance to debate the abolition of state-funded fire and ambulance services. And in an unexpected twist, it … Continue reading

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An image that resonates today

Some of you will be familiar with the (in)famous wartime cartoon by Zec, in the Mirror, providing sharp commentary on the way in which profiteering over fuel prices had serious consequences. It is an image that, 70 years on, still … Continue reading

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David Cameron solves the refugee crisis

Meanwhile, back from urgent talks with himself, David Cameron has just flown in to Heathrow airport with news of a solution to the refugee crisis.

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