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If you sign one petition this week… (TW for disturbing image)

…think seriously about this one, to the UK Government: Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK. There is a global refugee crisis. The UK is not offering proportional asylum in comparison with European counterparts. … Continue reading

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Silver Sword spiked: surprise deletion from school reading list

Teachers preparing for a return to school later this week expressed themselves flabbergasted by a Government decision to ban childhood classic, “The Silver Sword”, by Ian Serraillier, from reading lists this autumn.

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To be or not to be (Labour):that is the question

Labour Party supporters were this evening shocked and dismayed to learn that officials had decided to cancel the leadership election and hand the decision over to George Osborne “in perpetuity” – or at least until such time as someone could … Continue reading

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Misrepresenting Corbyn and the real problem of Violence Against Women

Call me out of touch: but i hadn’t actually noticed that Jeremy Corbyn had mooted the idea of women-only carriages as part of a response to Violence Against Women until i was woken at half-past-ridiculous by an bright and cheery … Continue reading

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How times change: of iron curtains and borders

Hungary: then and now 2014 ‘Danke Ungarn’ is how Germany is thanking Hungary on the billboards installed throughout the country, an expression of gratitude for helping German unification by opening up the Hungarian-Austrian border to East Germans 25 years ago … Continue reading

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Genocide: the final solution?

That Phillip Hammond – he of the “marauding migrants” soundbite – might actually have a point. No, don’t worry: i haven’t suddenly gone all UKIP on you! Because while he may have said something with more than a grain of … Continue reading

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